About Us

Arman Consultants was formed by NOOR ALAM MIRZA, Proprietor in 1982 as a dream to be one of the leading Manpower Recruiting Agency from India and what was once a dream has now turned into reality after successfully completing nearly 30 Years in the field of Manpower Recruiting. We have become a global player in the field of Manpower Recruiting and Consultancy from INDIA & NEPAL, We are authorized by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs vide Registration No. 000140/BOM/PROP/1000+/3/436/84., since 1982 and are also authorized by various GCC Consulates and Embassies to submit and collect Documents and Passports pertaining to Visa Endorsements.

We Operate from Mumbai the financial capital of India and have our branch office in New Delhi which caters to the requirement from the Northern States of India like Uttar Pradesh(UP), Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab along with various other affiliated offices and agencies in Major States of India like Kerala (Cochin, Calicut & Thiruvananthapuram), Tamilnadu (Chennai & Coimbatore), Andhra Pradesh (Vishakapatnam & Hyderabad), Rajasthan (Jaipur), West Bengal (Kolkata)

All these offices are equipped with the state of art facilities for taking interviews of candidates with full fledged Trade Test Centers with the latest tools and tackles of the Modern Day Industries to test the candidates in their skills, after short-listing the candidates according to the Clients requirements.

  • OurMission

    Thanks to our unflinching commitment to the best interests of the employers, we have built up a reputation for being reliable, fair-minded and straightforward. Combined with our methodology and work ethic that helps us get the job done quickly and efficiently, this reputation has established us at the forefront of our business.

  • OurVision

    Employee is the core of any human resource. We value the candidate as much as he values self. For the candidate we are a service provider. We believe in “Right candidate for the right job”. The candidates are therefore advised to read the job description displayed for the benefit of the candidate carefully prior to submitting the resume.


It was a dream to be a leading Manpower Recruiting Agency from India that led to the establishing of ARMAN CONSULTANTS in 1982.

It has been a long journey full of changes and challenges and we believed that a challenge is an opportunity in disguise and the one who knows how to convert this challenge into an opportunity succeeds. We saw then a great opportunity in International manpower recruitment and we see now the change in the systems and techniques in the Recruitment Industry.

We have been constantly watching for the previous years that there has been a spreading and increasing necessity of work force in the not only in the Middle Eastern Countries but all over the world because of the rapid Industrialization and National Developments projects and activities taken up by the concerned countries.

It was also noted that during these last three decades the whole world has been practically turning towards India for their Manpower needs and the Indian workers have today become the Blue Eyed boys of the world of International Employers.

In light of above the Employers in these countries have started to look towards India as it provides a massive pool of Human Talent which is the envy of most nations across the globe. That too available to the Employer in a Package of Low Cost, Cheap and Efficient Work force. The main key of our rapid growth is planned manpower recruitment development strategy which helps to deploy Skilled and Semi-Skilled manpower to companies.

We have made a motto for ourselves in our business i.e., TO HELP THE BEST TO GET BETTER BY GIVING THEM THE BEST IN PROVIDABLE HUMAN RESOURCES...

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